If You Do This, You Are Being Calculative

Girlfriend: "Eh b, since you are at Yishun and it is near Canberra, are you able to drop by my cousin's house to collect the game set for me?"

Boyfriend: "Huh, are you crazy?"

Girlfriend: "It is just a yes or no question..."

Boyfriend: "Of course no! Drive over just to collect the game set is not an urgent thing and i will waste my petrol."

Girlfriend: "You are nearby and it is urgent for me. Do you have to be so calculative?"

Boyfriend: "It's not that..."

Girlfriend: "Okay, I pay you with Grab's price."

Boyfriend: "... You need it for what?"

Girlfriend: "For my gathering with my colleagues tomorrow night. I will pay you $10 if you can help me to collect it." *screenshot the trip and fare page*


Out dining with friends,

Friend A: "...and shall we order some sides to share?"

Friend B and Friend C: "Yeah, sure!"

and when it comes to settling the bill:

Friend A: *Settled the bill* "Okay, in total is $25 per person."

Friend B: "Oh, I think you have mistaken cos I did not touch the drumstick side platter because I was full already so I should be paying... *peers at the bill* the fish & chips and the water."


KTV night.

30 minutes before the booking ends...

Guy A: "Eh sorry guys, I'm late."

After the singing session...

Friend of Guy A: "Okay, so each person pay $30."

Guy A: "I only stayed for 30 minutes, how can I pay an hour charge?"


People just do not get it. You gather around because of quality time and you help because you care for the person. Why must cost be involved in all situations? In Chinese, they say "谈钱伤感情" which means, relationship is hurt when money is the concern. I wish people can be less sensitive with money and more sensitive with relationships. Just my point of view.