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If You Do This, You Are Being Calculative

Girlfriend: "Eh b, since you are at Yishun and it is near Canberra, are you able to drop by my cousin's house to collect the game set for me?"

Boyfriend: "Huh, are you crazy?"
Girlfriend: "It is just a yes or no question..."
Boyfriend: "Of course no! Drive over just to collect the game set is not an urgent thing and i will waste my petrol."
Girlfriend: "You are nearby and it is urgent for me. Do you have to be so calculative?"
Boyfriend: "It's not that..."
Girlfriend: "Okay, I pay you with Grab's price."
Boyfriend: "... You need it for what?"
Girlfriend: "For my gathering with my colleagues tomorrow night. I will pay you $10 if you can help me to collect it." *screenshot the trip and fare page*
Out dining with friends,
Friend A: "...and shall we order some sides to share?"
Friend B and Friend C: &q…

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