When You Reach 24...

1) You will realize having a lot of friends doesn't matter as much as those who are truly concern of you and holds you close to their hearts.

2) You will stop living the fairytale bliss; relationships should be like this, friendships should be like this, kinship should be like this, life should be like this.

3) As you look around you, many of your friends know what they want and had achieved their dreams while you are still searching for it; you will step out of your comfort zone.

4) Sure enough, you will stumble and fall while growing up. Nothing to be embarrassed or sad of. You will learn from it and embrace the fact that it is part and parcel of life.

5) You will grow tired of fake smiles and fake/childish conversations that doesn't matter. It is okay to have your say and view. You will break away from being a yes-sayer.

6) Dreams will change; it's okay. Just ensure it is achievable and it is your own.

7) You will realize it's okay to stop living up to people's expectations because you have your own opinions and philosophy.

8) Birthdays will no longer be meaningful and you still feel blessed, having your family to still celebrate with you.

9) You will be traumatized how life is so hard on this year forth, but gradually you will find balance and get it grinding.

10) You will bump into a few friends you thought you will never see them again; what will you do?

11) You will feel lost in life, it's okay because all the 20 something will experience it but they just live by and chase what they want to do. It will be awesome if you get to do what you love at this age!

12) You will encounter some friends becoming a certified insurance agent. All I can say is if you trust one of them, go ahead, just don't get financial issues in the way of your friendship.

13) You will realize fancy cafes are too impractical; fucking hell, flat white for $6. That's tantamount to price of 2 meals you can get in a hawker centre.

14) You need to get rid of all habits that are pulling you down before you were to hit your quarterlife crisis.

15) Get fit if you want! Go anywhere if you want! Party if you want! But with the expense of a budget you set for yourself. Because...

16) You gotta start saving up at this age for a better future ahead. Fancy travels can wait, fancy dining can wait and so is fancy shopping.

17) You will lose interest in shopping mall and only going into them because you need to get milk for mum or that blazer for work; never for leisure.

18) Movies will slowly be replaced by stay-home-movies, because that is more economical. Fuck the shitty quality because there's already a 12K resolution option.

19) You will get uptight when you do your first cooking yourself without assistance. If you have no problem with that before this year, congrats in advancing to learn the next dish and then the next and the next and the next...

20) Keeping your rooms neat for once is SO HARD. However, you feel so good when it was cleaned and organized.

21) You begin to want to find out the costs of everything, even if doesn't concern you at this age; baby things, elderly things, toddler things, how much is that cooker if I need it for my new home...

22) And even if it does concern you at this age, you will look out more for deals, promotions and discounts. You will get excited easily when there's a buy 1 get 1 free.

23) You will find going for job interviews are scary but once you get the hang of it, you speak like friends with the interviewee.

24) You will get out of social anxiety eventually but feel old because you need to attend weddings, company's d&d, baby birthday parties. And those are the only parties you will attend.

But what's most important is how much you have grown since you stepped into young-adulthood. Don't be let down by a small failure, learn from it instead. Get away from your weakness and focus on your strengths, sooner or later, you will be able to find yourself. Explore what you need to explore to survive in life because being oblivious at this age still is pretty dangerous.

Cheers to feeling 24 together!