The Best Decision Comes With Peace

I just found peace after feeling so tangled and depressed for the past few weeks and it feels phenomenal. I jolly well know myself that if I were to go ahead and embrace this feeling, I won't feel genuinely happy. I had been in that state for a couple weeks just because I do not want to walk away without trying.

Those who know me well know that I love challenges and cheap thrills. But gone were the days of not afraid of being burnt by it after a reckless decision made. I have come to terms with acting rational and think with my head. True enough, I am not bold to leave my comfort zone right now, especially in the expense of my health.

I am weak, I have history of asthma and air sickness for those of you who do not know. These two restricted me from lots of things but I never stopped myself from travelling and playing sports (helped my asthma by expanding my lungs). However, my asthma came back recently when I slept at odd hours or I have little sleep. It frustrates me because I can't do what normal people can do and I have to take very good care of my health. How I wish I can take a 12 hours flight and not take medication but still feel fine on the plane.. How I wish I can eat heartily and even order wine on the plane. Sucks real big time even though the last time my air sickness got real bad was a few years ago. But I don't wanna bet on such things anymore.

As cliche as it is, health is really wealth. So, I have come into terms in being an adult and know what choices to make that will suit me best and my health. There, I said it. I really feel very peaceful right now. I may regret but I will regret even more if I do not listen to my health. 

And yes, this has got to do with my decision that requires to go for the interview on 3rd of Sept. I have to thank the ones who had fed me details and information on this and willing to help me to get through it. Thank you so much and so sorry that I won't be joining you guys but I will surely see you guys around because the next job that I will be applying to is aviation related. 

Wish me luck! :) xx