Spending My Holiday Away

I decided to update my blog today so as to commemorate the start of an exciting journey of my life. Although it may seem nothing much but I feel it will definitely impact my life more than ever.

First of, let me summarize how I spent my school holidays - which is coming to an end :'(

Initially, I thought my holidays will be rather boring and broke since my allowance were sponsored from the savings that I had earned when I was working full time. But because of this, I decided to do something productive for this holiday and so I managed to take up the driving license once again (I failed the Basic Theory Test previously because I did not study for it) and applied part time for F1 through a friend. Other than that, the remaining days were meeting up with friends/boyfriend and K-dramas (watching Doctors currently!!!).

One day after exams, met up with uni friends for drinks as a post celebratory. Some of them have unofficially graduated, ENVY BUT CONGRATS!!! 
Bar hopped on that day from Oxwell & Co. to another bar place. Played Baskin' Robbins 31 (idk if was it spelt like this) and the question game until 3am.

On Singapore's birthday, Dominic & I had dinner over at a place in Lavendar which we were able to watch the fireworks. We ordered pulled pork, magherita pizza and beers (again) on that day. I had to detox afterwards to rid of the alcohol in my body as the previous night I had drinks too lol.

Met the girls for the F1 briefing before heading to Cineleisure for Nihon Mura and pokemon hunting. Hahaha, yes I do play. Only at level 18 la as of now, damn low. 

As mentioned from my previous post about dad planning a one day trip to JB, we went in on a Saturday and IT WAS FUCKING PACKED!! Sorry for the profanity but it was necessary because the queue over at M'sia's immigration snaked all over the place terrifyingly which ended at the entrance of the immigration. It took us an hour to clear sia!

We came back to the same Korean restaurant for dinner which I have posted it on my instagram previously. This time round, we controlled our ordering amount as previously, we ordered more than we could eat and it felt like it was a meal for Daehan, Mingkuk and Manse hahahah.

The next day after church, my boyfriend and I decided to visit Ham Bao Bao for lunch which was located at Beautyworld. Apart from that, I caught an Eggxecutor there and registered it in my Pokedex hahaha!

The burgers from Ham Bao Bao were affordable. We had a total of three burgers which we were pretty full by then. Burgers are at $5 each and additional fries will need to top up $1. Besides that, the young store owners were very friendly!

Thai fish dory burger. Not sure which of the ingredients were Thai???
It was actually one whole fish broke into half! So worth it and healthier choice!
Classic beef burger.
Before I get to taste it, Dominic finish it already, he said he was hungry........
Crispy pulled pork burger.
And it was super crispy that it crunches in your mouth with every bite!
YUMS. Feeling super hungry right now as I type for this section. D:

Met up with one of my closest besties to catch up over dinner at Tiong Bahru. We have this monthly meet up arrangement which I always look forward to because I can literally share everything to her and she understands me so well too! *beams* (I know you also beaming la babe :p)

She brought me to The Orange Thimble (TOT) for dinner and the people there were so nice and friendly! 

Mushroom soup + baguette + salad.
Smoked salmon sandwich and it was huuuuuge.

Lemon meringue from Drips. 
Just down the road from TOT. LOOOOVE IT!

I came back to TOT this time with my boyfriend just today and ordered their soup this time round. Dominic had the beef Sheperd's pie and it was delicious! Snapchatted it so I only have photos of the coffees we ordered, paiseh!

Not so fantastic la my holiday but I felt that I did more stuffs as compared to my previous holiday haha as I gained working opportunities to "survive" for the remaining months to the end of 2016.

Tomorrow will be the start of my internship as a Content Writer. I am not certain what will I be doing yet; a little bit of this and that and some gossips from what I managed to gather through the previous meet up with the team. Technically, a Content Writer does basically everything which was what I had googled. However, on a bright note, it will improve my writing skills and this was what I had wished for; apart from reading.

School is starting soon next week and I guessed I had spent my holidays well enough although it felt like my holidays just flew past me. On a side note, I love getting busy because it gives me the feel of being significant and have the reason to push on to be a much better person!
More updates will be on my Snapchat, and funny how I am more active there than Instagram Stories.