Proudest Highlight To Commemorate

 YES, proudest and I am not afraid of saying I am extremely proud to share one of the biggest moment of my life and it was a HUGE PAID OFF. My group and I got full marks for Strategic Management presentation and who in the world will ever thought that it is possible to get full marks for presentation!?
This presentation happened in July and the preparation my group members and I had gone through was so dreadful that I still feel like it just happened yesterday.

If you have followed me on Snapchat, you would know the "bts" preparation for our presentation. We were dressed up like real estate agents, waiting to sign a $1billion contract with the boss. Pretty sure we had the billion dollar smile after the presentation! Could not thank my group members' contribution enough!

Blood shot eyes from sleeping late last night and waking up early.

Signing with the "boss" on the left.
Our group wore blue, HD for our uniform effort!