Rant: Indecisive

Ugh, so indecisive.
I have been reading and researching about the working life of an air stewardess as well as getting friends who are and were ex air stewardess opinions on it and I can't help but to feel a little overwhelmed.

Yesterday I was filled with the confidence of just going to the interview in July because my initial intention was to just go in and see how far I can pass. Then comes the, what if I really got in and got offered the job? As cliche as it is, "when the opportunity comes, don't hesitate and just grab it before it is lose and you regret!" Ya, damn pumped up by this because really ma, I am not getting younger as I know there is an "expiry date" to become an air stewardess. So, why not?

Then of course, when I research deeper and discovered things, I tend to weigh the case scenarios by playing it in my head, along with many What Ifs. I am a very visualize person so by visualizing, I will be able to understand and come up with solutions.

I hate the fact that I dislike desk-bound jobs. So boring. I rather walk around and learn. I get real restless very quickly so I can never sit down for hours. Which.. Complicate things more for me.
I don't like this, I'm afraid of that, I hate that, I prefer this. Really hope that there is a right job for me out there in the world. I know there won't be THE one. I just have to give and take.

I'm graduating soon with a degree in Hospitality & Tourism Mgt and Human Resource Mgt and by having a degree, I will be wasting it if I apply to be an air stewardess. Still so indecisive lehhhh.

Dear God, please show your lost child the way. Amen.