Humanity Hits Me In The Face Real Hard

Like how is it possible for this to happen!?
Guys, I just got slapped in the face by reality and it is happening to me for the first time which I am still left wondering how is it possible.

This was what happened.

10th June
I walked in to this shop that was having a moving out sale with dresses labeling at 20% - 50%.
GOD DAMN STEAL RIGHT. I chose a few and went to try. But one of the dress sizes was too big for me so I went to the counter to ask for a smaller size.
There were two young ladies who are a few age younger than me, sitting at the counter.
So apparently, when I was asking for sizes at the lady on my right, my eyes briefly glanced to the lady on the left and spotted something familiar about her.
Before I could react, the lady on the right came forth and attended to me, thus blocking my view and went to the fitting room with me.
Being myself who will never stop wondering, I finally realized that she was my ballet friend.

Background Story
We used to attend ballet classes at Loyang with Ms S. We played, hung out after class to have ice cream before returning home. During rehearsals or performances, when she needed hair nets or hair sprays or hair gel, I lent them to her. We even practiced our Grade exams together. Until a few of us moved to Tampines Yamaha to continue and she did not. This was 16years ago!

Back To 10th June
So when I was coming out of the fitting room, and handing back the dresses to the lady on the right, the lady on the left who was my friend, N came walking back from outside the shop and WALKED PAST ME. I sprung on the chance and went forward to say Hi.

Conversation was,
Me: Hi N, do you remember me?
N turned around and gave me an uncertain look: Hi, um sorry no?
Ok thought she needed some recollection to ring a bell to her.
Me: You know, Chenning? We used to attend Ms S's classes at Loyang?
N looks uncertain still: Uh, Ms S I remember but I don't remember you.
Ok maybe need more.
Me: We used to dance together? D? V?
N: I only remember D and Ms S.
Me: Oh.. (Um, ya after all those incident that had happened and you erased me off from your memories *bitter)

I was like OK THIS GIRL NO CHILL. Could we have ended a bad note before moving to Tampines? Even so, she did not have the least bit of politeness to act and try to recall. WA, I regret coming up to you and say hi sia. I should have exclaimed, "Oh, sorry might be the wrong N cos that N prettier."

The reason why I could not forget this is because I had helped her a lot. Her mum said that N looked up to me a lot even to the extent of wearing the same coloured leotard as me. I'm not trying to sound like "you should continue to look up on me and not delete me from your memory" but I feel rather sad for someone to react like this.

Back then before the performance was starting in an hour's time, she was struggling to keep her hair up in a bun as she had very layered hair. She did not have any gel or spray and so I lent her mine and helped to put some water from my water bottle so that the gel will be stickier. WA REALLY CANNOT REMEMBER ME. *take knife stab heart*

I have another friend who acts like a big blogger/instagram celebrity and pretend that she had forgotten all of us. She was in our ballet class too. We were very good friends too, and hung with each other until she quit ballet and her school dance all of a suddenly. She unfollowed and unfriended us on social networks after she became famous. We were the ones that embraced her flaws back then, not her popularity. Now she grumbles about friends backstabbing her and being pretentious towards her.

I dont know what is wrong with humanity. Though these are part and parcel but I just hope that I will not experience this ever again. And I am not going up to people that I have not met for decades and say hi anymore to risk the same encounter. I appreciate those that still want to and are keeping in contact with me. Will never forget ok!