Already Planning For My Wedding!!!

So, I have not been blogging that much and had been trying to enjoy the last school holiday as it was only a pathetic 2 1/2 weeks before the hardcore semester starts.
No, hardcore is an understatement. HELL is the right word to address or call or deem this semester. 
Because if those who have taken the below mentioned modules, they will go nodding their heads with me, agreeing hysterically.

1) Human Resource in Economics: I have hate econs since it was exposed to me in Poly. I didn't score well for that matter of fact. Though econs is actually easy once you understand the catch and gist. Right, once you understand it. See that I underlined, bolded and italic it? 
Ok, moving on.

2) Strategic Management: I actually do love this module, mind you. Just that the group project is a lil disgusting as it requires all sorts of analysis (e.g. SWOTS/TOWS, Porter's Five Forces, etc.) to identify the issue of a company and make recommendations to it. 
Well, I believe every one has been through the "ahya, recommendations only, just make" phase. But no, it requires professional persuasive to offer a legitimate proposal that is worth billions.WORTH BILLIONS AND NOT YOUR TYPICAL 30CENTS MAKEOVER.

3) Destination Management: Though there is no individual assignment and mid term tests, the group project alone throws you right to the level 18 of hell and be burn. No comments.

The most agonizing thing was I could not take them separately as these modules are only available for one semester - which I am taking right now. God bless.

Okay, that's not the main topic of this post. On a bright note, I would like to share how I imagine my wedding to be like! Eh, don't judge because, I believe every girl will definitely gush over weddings, dresses and flowers to their female friends once. Girls actually started to plan about wedding since young! From choosing the choice of colour to the type of partner indicate the preparation. 

So, I have already attended 2 wedding this year and with the 3rd one coming along this week, it gave me lots of chances to experience how weddings are like with the current age I am (turning mid 20s soon *sob*). 



It was fun attending both weddings as I get to observe the process of the wedding and jokingly wonder about what songs to arrange for my entrance and while everyone is settling down and then I realized I have been taking notes on what to look out for without knowing. 


And it is so important to me 'cos I hate last minute plannings, though I know it will take close to 6months to start planning. Better early than never HAHA. I, personally love looking and observing at wedding gowns which thrills me into thinking what I would like my wedding gown to be like.
Believe it or not, I did a mini research on it (HAHAHA so kia su) and even followed Beautiful Love Wedding on Instagram to gush over the beautiful wedding dressses!
I always love the back and skirt details of the dresses. A few of the dresses from BLW I love!

So pretty I cannot.
And the hairrr! I always love braids and fishtails so I might involve do it for my wedding.
Ulyana's page is the one I love watching hair tutorials from her and they are all so romantic, dreamy and princessy looking 

Gonna grow my hair longer so that this hairstyle will turn out to be better hahahah!
As for the venue, I still need more research to know where to hold it as it depends on the financial capability by then. I was thinking of holding the solemnization on the beach because it is so romanticcc but given Singapore's humid weather makes it impossible and I do not want my guests sweating while exchanging vows. See all the limitations and considerations are enough to create a 20-page report!

For the guests that I would like to be present to witness my happiness, I will be telling you guys eventually, personally. Not that I kiasu but, I really wish you guys would die die be able to come as you guys are important to me :) No reason to run away if I were to book you guys years in advance hahahaha!! 

And don't worry, not stressing you Dominic, just my own thought for weddings :p Might benefit in my decision making in the next few years down the road ok! You will thank me then LOL.