The First Two Days of Holidays

Gosh, finally I am updating this space of mine after a busy down-to-reality kind of life going on and I am on holiday right now (WOOHOO), day 2 and enjoyingggg it!!!
I had to rest my eyes and I feel that they are going cross...
I ranted on my snapchat when I was "painstakingly" (sorry, gta exaggerate this HAHAHA) studying my life away that, 
I actually am happy that the exams are coming, because it means that it is nearing to the day where I can go and do my stuffs; going to the gym, waking up early, go swimming and be tanned 
And that was one of the things that motivated me and kept me going.
(other than tripping onto alexis ren and jay alvarezz's "lifegoals" on instagram and wasted literally 2 days worth of time to stalk and dig about them)
So this was what I did on the first two days of my holidays,
I didn't have pictures on the first day as I intended to spend some quality time with my mum.
Feel so guilty as I have not been able to sit down and enjoy a conversation with her or take her our for movie or a meal so, I took her out for movie treat and chose Long Long Time Ago 2.

This movie was directed by Jack Neo and it was worth every money to watch!!
Jokes were super funny, tissues were highly needed to be brought in for the crying scenes (I cried in those scenes) and the sympathy and anger towards both actors, Mark Lee & Chen Li Zhen were so literal (gosh, how much I haaaaaaaaaaaaaate Mark Lee now).
Go catch it before it ends!! 
P.s. There's a marathon version for it!

Day two consisted of Ikea shopping and loots shopping.
It was spending quality time with my mum too.

Shameless selfie.

Today, I was remembered to look at my mum closely and quietly.
I can sense her happiness when she hangs out with me.
I even slept slept with her for these two days 'cos my dad was away for business trip and she was happy about it because only daughters can sleep on the same bed with the mums.


For these two days, I have reflected on what I had undergone.
It was a nightmare and snippets of regrets though, it is actually a part and parcel aspect for a student.
I had difficulty sitting down to focus on studying exams, but on a side note, I was glad that I was much more disciplined than a few semesters' back because I truly, really had realized that studying is actually not a difficult thing because all I have to do is just, sit down and understand the content the book infront of me. Though there are stressful moments as a student like group cooperation for group projects and individual assignments burden, these are actually a lot more easier.
I used to treat studying light-heartedly and hated it.
To the extend that it caused me to do midnight-oil and last minute studying.
Picking up the textbook and read was difficult and tiring.
Right until when I entered Uni, I was repeating this which was a little immature of me.
I have to admit that I cried because of studying before.
Because playing intrigued me much more and I almost could not get my attention back to studying.
But I was happy that I had changed this mindset and really learnt that last minute studying should not happen anymore.
I gave up play this time round and chose bitterness.
I gave up scrolling through snaps after snaps and chose flipping textbook pages.
This is a huge improvement for me, knowing that I actually could do it.
The feeling right after the paper was so sweet that I could not stop savoring it and I actually felt good to have persevered too as the paper turned out to be a piece of cake.

Not bragging but because this does not happen to me when I take exams in the past.
So yup.
Gotta up my blogging game now since I am on holiday.

Will do a post soon about my Guangzhou trip back in 2015.
Yeah, didn't have time for it lol.