The Struggle Is Real

I just come to know that for whatever issues or questions I come across, I tend to think in many ways  and this could be the reason why I can't write an essay properly or (sometimes) answer questions properly.
And I swear, I just came to know about it because it did not happen when I was younger.
I guess I can say that I might be shallow-minded back then as I did not think too much into things; like the exploration and analyses for answer was absent. Probably the reason could be because of my 2 years work experience or studying a degree that taught me to learn how to think and analyze situations.
And since then, I could come up with all sorts of answers or solutions to some issues or questions in life. 
It made me think deeper.

Though I was benefited and became more mature, I am still troubled by it. Some things in life are not meant to be complicated.
One of my friends posted a Typography about the 7 rules in life on Instagram and one of the rules got me thinking:

6) Stop thinking too much.     It's alright not to know the answers.
    They will come to you when you least expect it.

Mediocre quote but it just got me thinking...
If we stop thinking that much, will the answers even come? And even when you least expect it? Because by then you would have already forgotten to look for the answers or what's more, forgot about it. If we stop thinking that much, how will we know if we got the answer or not?
Just asking you to stop thinking too much la, J.

But I find it hard not to think too much. Or probably this is just a part of being a female? Because whenever someone were to ask me something, I pause before answering because I will have different answers in my brain. And what's worse, I often complicate simple question which is a little frustrating to me because it only take a simple answer to answer it. I even need to ask a few more questions to be sure if I am certain what is being asked.

Q: Will the picture flip ah when in selfie for iPhone? 
A: Flip as in what? But during selfie mode how you flip? Oh, you mean if will it flip to another side when it is saved during selfie mode, huh?

But honestly, that issue did not occur to me either. Like seriously, who will notice about the flip?
Honestly, I actually understand what she was asking in the first place but to be sure of her question, I repeat again because when my friend asked, she was holding up a Samsung phone.
Like whoa, since when my brain so complex, huh? 
Sometimes, I can't believe that my brain would be so complicated, which always take me a long time to finish up my assignments
But it also serve as a good ability too because, at least I AM THINKING.

Or is it because I can multi-task? The struggle is real..