But it is too late.

I never had a photo of her or a selfie with her.
Though we may not be in a close term when you were still well and walking and hardly exchanged any deep conversations, I still wish you well and rest in peace.
I'm not gonna blame on the fact that you or my parents did not create the bridge for communication, or the fact that our terms were strained.
It is because of my slow realisation that kinship is very important.
I come to realise that it is really important to have bonded kinships recently,
because everyone can support one another when they are down.
But by the time this realisation dawns on everyone, it is too late.
It is rather saddening that people only come together and realise it during such moments.

Dad, don't worry, there is still me.
To give you the moral support because I know you will feel broken.
I might see you cringe a laughter or act as nothing had happened.
So there's still me.
You can count on me.

Granny, RIP.