Hello, Year 2016

Happy New Year Pull Your Ear!

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My countdown for this year was a little bit different, though with the same companion - my boyfriend and my family. I had my countdown in the train, on my way home. No fireworks, no beers, only a free bottled of mineral water and Old Chang Kee with music blasting from the speakers of one of the countdown spots where I live. Furthermore, it was raining. Worst moment ever but it did not disappoint me because I created memories with my boyfriend - going out on New Year's Eve night and boldly went to Marina Bay just to see fireworks - but ended up getting on the train at 10min before midnight. And it was his first time too HAHA, his reaction was "I know it is crowded but I did not know it is THIS crowded" - now you know babe.

I don't go by the saying of "having a great start of the year will hold great promises for the rest of the year" because goals have not been reached and achievements have not happened. What truly matters to me is the feeling I hold while I enter a new start of the year. I felt blessed, blessed to still be well enough to go out and have fun before 2015 came to an end (fell sick during my trip), blessed to still have the ones I cherished and put close to my heart with beside me to enter year 2016.

Let's have a flashback on some of the achievements/great memories I have made in Year 2015!
Ready? 3.. 2.. 1.. Go!

Knowing The Working World
I finally quit my first full time job.
 I was working as a Customer Service Officer for 2 years. My job role was to ensure that every single one of my team members able to uplift our passengers onto the flight successfully without any delay or problems. This job allowed me to open up my eyes to the working world - politics & dirty tricks, and I am thankful to have witnessed all of these. 
I made friends that brought genuine warmth & care, and friends that brought hatred & irritation, to the point of wishing you have not met them.
But I did enjoy my time there. My mentors were nice.
But it was taking a toll on my health as I had to work shift hours so adapting was a little difficult to me because my working hours were always changing therefore, I quit.
Knowing How Painful/Joyous Money Can Be

And of course, knowing how money is being spent away quickly is painfuuuuuul..
The first time i got my salary, I was really happy about it.
My bank account increased every month, but I was immature at that point of time.
I spent 50% of what I earned a year and only managed to save 40% of what I left (10% to filial piety).
That was when I realize the pain and joy of money.
And whatever amount I have saved was set aside as allowance for my school days.
I want to upgrade myself continuously so I got myself enrolled into a university.
Uni Life
Next phase of my life begins here.
I have this unfulfilled wish to experience the joy of working hard and getting good grades.
I see this as another chance for me to experience the feel of getting distinctions so I worked hard.
Then, my hard work payed off :)
No distinctions but above average credits.
Most importantly, I did well for my presentation and I was very proud of myself!
I shared some of my tips on how to prepare well for a presentation on my blog a few months back.

And I am graduating this year!
(actually left 2 more sems la)
Met some great friends too!
It is an achievement to me as I have no initial plans to make friends at all (friendship cuts you know) and I thought I will just be focusing on studying, exam, and then graduate that's all.
But, who knows!
Developed New Hobbies
And I learnt to skate - on ice and on land!
The first attempt was when we started dating each other :p (in my instagram)
Second was on Valentine's Day 2014
And the third was on land.
And such memories were all created with my boyfriend.
Thank you so much love <3
Bonded Much More With My Cousins & Family

 Ever since I have started work, it took away my time and energy with them.
Gradually, I grew awkward around my cousins. 
I tried to strike conversations but after a few sentences exchanged, I was bored and tired.
I did not have much rest during my work and it overturned my body clock so I get tired in the afternoons and sleepy by evenings.
I am pretty happy that I went for this trip with them because it brought us back closer and build better kinship. I got to know them even better!
Really feel rewarding after this trip!
Already looking forward to meeting them soon!
Even though my achievements and memories created were rather little but through it all, I have grown up a lot.
Grown to be mature, grown knowledgeable, grown to not expect and grown to admire how life can actually be exciting.
I have penned down my resolutions for 2016 and am determine to achieve them. Go ahead and think it will not happen. I am already starting to plan ^^V
I do hope my readers had a wonderful 2015 but do not look back on 2015 as I assure you, 2016 will be more interesting and unforgettable!