Life After Exams > Christmas Dinner

And that is when, my life is back in control...!!
Ok a bit drama but this was how I felt when I passed my last paper to my invigilator and walked out the examination hall, tasting the first few seconds of freedommm!
Already binge watching YouTube channels that I have not been keeping up and sleeping in the wee hours of the night & waking up in the afternoon for brunch.
Life has never felt so good when you allow your mind to relax and be blank...
Uni really suck your brains dry.
The after-party with my uni friends right after the last paper.
Pub hopped: Highlander - Empire
 First favourite alcohol hehe.

played five-ten & 7-up
never drank so much in my life
getting good with five-ten
changed 7-up to 6 & 5-up
madness at trying to reach 60
played "secret number" 
and cleared the tray of neat shots
thank you Jamie & Sarah for saving my ass
went home after mee sua supper at Boat Quay 
slept only 4 hours before my day starts for the next day.
Manicure tradition with Jessie <3
Chocolate with Banana flavour is dooooope!
Now her turn to become brace-face! 
Hehe <3

Chak's 21st at night.
Theme was Safari.
Vivien showed up as the "Safari" application itself HAHAHA very creative. 
I showed up with reindeer antlers. 
Happy birthday again Chak <3
Thanks for having me.

Afterwards, Vivien +1 and my +1 & I went for supper at Bedok 85 and managed to catch up properly with Viv.
Shall make the double date promise happen soon!
Thanks boyf for sheltering me home as it was raining.
Ya, he got umbrella I don't have. Time to learn from him.
10 Tebing Lane
Singapore 828836

Opens only from Tuesdays - Sundays, close on Mondays.
Alight NE17 Punggol (MRT), change to LRT and alight at PE4 Riveria.
It is only a 5min walk from the station to the cafe (near Popeyes).
It was a helllllllll of a walk if it was raining that day.
Our feet were soaking wet & we took detours while searching for the place.
What I had was Pulled Pork Pizza & Crabmeat Linguine, both of them taste AWESOME, must try!!!
It is a pity they do not have truffle fries but you can substitute & satisfy your cravings with Steak Fries With Truffle Mayo.

The dining atmosphere was pleasant and peaceful as it overlooks the greenery of Punggol Park.
Definitely going back there again!
Thank you Rachel for the recommendation <3
Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Premiere 
Star Wars was awesome & goooooooooooooood!!!
JJ. Abrams never fail to impress!
Never had liked a fantasy film this much... Okay probably it comes a few inches above The Avengers. Hehe.
Thank you Mercedes Benz and Cathay Cineplexes for the free tix with popcorns & colas!
Thanks dad especially for giving me the chance to watch it first <3
Christmas Dinner @ Etna's
50 Duxton Rd
Singapore 089534

1. Appetizer - Cream-based Lobster Soup with Garlic Bread
2. Main Course - Ravioli (featured in my snapchat [itsmejayanneee] and it is the best!!!)
3. Main Course - Crabmeat Linguine

 It was so amusing that both of us have asian flush so both of us turned red after drinking lol.
So weak.
Love the atmosphere at Etna's. The service crews were pleasant and hospitable. 
Food was great! 'cept the soup was a little salty.

One thing about me dining at a posh restaurant is that I feel tensed and pressured because of the unfamiliarity of the italian names, the basic knowledge of wine has to be there, and the natural instinct of having to tone down laughter & actions. 
I have to thank my Poly course for teaching me fine dining etiquette (who will forget those hell trainings) as it was put into good use, too good use.

Me: Saw one of the waiters carrying a jug of water 
Me: "Hi, can I have still water please" tryna act smart to differentiate sparkling & still water
Another Waiter: "Still water? Sure"
That Waiter came with Aquapanna.
Me: Act smart again la, jayanne.

I laugh a lot therefore, I rather have the freedom of laughing genuinely than suppressing it and keeping it to a subtle laugh behind my hands. 
I mean, you wanna laugh then laugh la, right? Because very funny what.
So I told Dom that it is a good thing that we rarely dine in such places.
But it was a lovely dinner & a lovely night to end with before I fly :D

Gift exchange price was set at $30.
Got him something he wanted and needed.
And made him a card too.
(Video below)
Disclaimer: Boyfriend's retarded face at the end of the video. You can stop watching it after you see his thumbs up.

Not just your ordinary paper carddddd.
It is called an explosive box because when you take off the lid, the base comes out like flowers budding with 100000x speed. You get what I mean? Gives you a shock too because it isn't an ordinary box.
Spent at least 2 days making this and I swear this is the hardest thing I have made.
But the expression of Dom after seeing it is worth the hard time I had while making it :D
It was a well deserved exam break. Played hard. 
Still having holidays until the 11th of Jan so I am going to play ALL I CAN.
Can't wait for my China trip tomorrowww.