Too Kind

Is it bad or what?

I just received a SOS from a friend that I used to chat with on Facebook. I was quite shock to accept this kind of help because I have never done such a thing in my whole life. You might say I am so stupid to have accepted such request because who the hell will want to do such things. Well, before I got your mind wandered somewhere, let me clarify what help was needed - paraphrasing a 58% plagiarized assignment that is 1800 words long.


Like.. what.. on earth.. was I even thinking.. about!? Not that I want to collect goodwill and lessen my karmas if I need to. At that thought, I was rather curious how can paraphrasing be that... difficult? Not tryna brag but all of assignments were under the percentage of 15 and all I did was replace words as synonyms and retype in a much readable (some journals are a pain in the ass and probably written for aliens to read) sentence.

But anyhow, I just did it.

It was a bad idea to do it even though I love to help because I understand the feeling of at loss and at the edge of giving up from paraphrasing no matter how many times the sentences were changed and written. Not everyone acquires perfect sentence structuring skills in Singapore (even though we speak English la, embarrassed).

You must be wondering of all people why was I chosen. Because... I was studying in the same school as my friend lol. Okay, then probably I might know the school system better but we are in a different course!!! I obviously am too kindhearted to forgo my study time and helped to paraphrase an assignment. But of course, there is no free lunch in the world. Although I know this philosophy but of course I do not have to live by it so I did not ask anything in return. It won't hurt to help someone that is in need of help, right?

This left me wondering are there people who will act like me and help without asking for anything in return? I believe there is still little humanity left in the world.

Sighs, I'm too kind..