Murdoch Family

I learned one thing about today is not to look so negative and pessimistic about every single thing in life because those might be the gist in our life that creates the epitome to look forward to everyday.
I used to be rather sensitive and pessimistic. 
I am happy that Uni life has transformed my heart into something bigger and stronger.
I can gladly say that I have met some good friends.

Today, we witnessed the closeness of our group with the help of an online test.
Like legit, we saw how we helped each other during the test and I felt the warmth in my heart.
Not that I have not experienced such situation but really, by witnessing how we put in so much effort to help each other makes my thought of being able to make steady friends revived again.

Today's fooditnerary was Bak Chor Mee @Bugis > Bingsu for dessert @ Numsongyee > Dinner @ MOF & Danro 

We shared food and beer and even tips on drinking lol.

Initial plan was to study straight and graduate, but little did I know I would have met such good friends of mine. 
I found friends with the same interest as me, same mindset, same humour (I will take that as sometimes hahaha) and steady ones.
I really hope we will bond together forever! That is my wish for this year end :)
Love u all lots lots!

At one of my happiest moments right now is to be able to do my planning for exercising (becoming fat already!!!!) and attend gym classes which I bought a $20 voucher from True Fitnesse!
Many of my friends exclaimed that it was a super good deal and I thought so too!
Gonna train hard xx