Little Place of Heaven

Address: 88 Rangoon Rd, 218374
Phone: 6341 5458

I decided to call this place heaven because it is located down a quiet street where it is suitable for day dreaming and going into dwelling the whole afternoon away while sipping a bottle of coffee.
Perfect place to read a book and people watch.
Food is very palatable.
My favourite would be the burrito, muesli and the waffles.
The burger was not included in my list because I dont fancy single taste burgers.. like when you bite down, it is more of a "hmm, not bad" and then munch and forget kind of taste.
But then again, personal preference.

Coffee is served in a bottle which is pretty cool.
Skipped coffee that day and ordered the Dark Chocolate instead as I did not want to risk not being able to sleep the whole night.
I suggest to forget about ordering the Dark Chocolate and go for their Cold Brew.

Value for money and worth your time!