An Opportunity, Too Afraid To Chase After

It was frequently advised and encouraged that once you see an opportunity, go ahead and take it. Sure enough, the immediate reaction would be explained through this expression as "going hard on it and taking the full advantage of it -full stop-".

But often, the "after" part was forgotten and neglected. Simply saying, we often forgot the consequences of just running straight to our opportunity. Weighing the consequences gives you more insights on whether if is this opportunity considered to be worth it or not. That is the question that revolves in my mind every single time an opportunity is seen.

The perplex part would normally be the actual result produced that is far from the ideal result. For example, if you were to see an opportunity to become a professional ballet dancer, by considering the fact that you have all things you needed but at the end of the day, is that what you really need then?

You picture yourself  dancing on stage as a principal happily, but in actual fact, will you be? Because from what I have known so far, by pursuing something, some sacrifices will need to be made evidently (not that I am complaining).

That leave us a question, is that what we are willing to go through? 

The reason why I am writing this is because I experienced having opportunities brushing past me but I was afraid to take it because I was worried about the consequences. If I could overcome and be brave enough, I would have pursue dance after graduating from secondary school and be part of a training teacher or professional dancer right now. All because I was too afraid. 

The journey of a dancer is narrow and short-lived.

As I grew older, I realized I have made a mistake in being timid and too far sighted. My friends had been uploading pictures of their dance classes and performances on Facebook and Instagram and all I can do is to "like", congratulate and encourage them to pursue their Advance exams. I hear news about ballet friends who were once on the same grade as me and taking the same advanced exam as me are doing well and going further.

I really miss the performing on stage where I can dance my heart out despite my stage fright. The feeling is exhilarating after performing. I really miss clocking in frequent classes and training til late and waking up the next day with sores but stronger legs, just for an exam.

You might tell me "go back la since I miss it!". I wish also but it is hard right now because I have "walked" too far down this conventional path. I even failed to attend a class recently which I guess I might have disheartened my ballet teacher. While I plan my future path, I had to put away this dancing thought of mine, reluctantly.

But at the end of the day, I still have this little hope inside of me, dreaming, that I will be able to come back and dance.

Because, the journey of a dance might be narrow and short-lived but, it never fails to be magical.

Let's hope, xx