I'm very thankful that neighboring countries exist because that will promise short getaway opportunities that are cheap and at the same time warranting pleasure and de-stress sources, especially when the currency is ch.. you get what I mean.
Even though it might be short but this trip was enough to get me away from stress for awhile and reality.
Thanks mum for suggesting and thanks dad for paying hahaha!

It was quite convenient to travel to Johor Bahru by bus from my house area. 
If you are a Tampinesian, you can take bus 168 to Woodlands interchange and then change another bus (950) to enter into Singapore's custom clearance and take to the other side.
It will cost you around $6 per person to and fro.

We left house at 11am and arrive at half past 12, just in time for lunch!
Lunch at Sushi Zanmai @ Komtar JBCC.
Nothing special but affordable prices for a la carte sushi and main courses which come in sizes!
I love the atmosphere of this restaurant. Themes and designs are very crucial for setting the right ambience of the place!
But the service.. just forget about demanding so much for it, focus on the fooood!!!

Dessert over at Nonya Leaf just 'cos, it is there and my mum wants to try it.
This is at Komtar JBCC, there is another outlet at City Square with bigger seat plans. 

Peranakan Chendol 
Bur Bur Cha Cha

To be honest, nothing special about it or rather I do not know how to appreciate Nonya desserts but affordability wise is good. 

We headed to City Square to shop around and explore.
They have a inner city shopping area at Level 2 (i think). The concept is similar to Singapore's Marina Square's Level 4 where all the clusters of apparel shops and miscellaneous are at. 
If you like cheap clothes, plushies and even tattoo, you may want to take a look but the area was not fully utilized as there are some empty lots and big walkways.
I shot most of my trip on snapchat which sadly got erased after 24hours so I could not post a full entry for this post.

Next stop to Lavendar (as in the shop name) @ City Square where the breads and macarons are fresh!
The queue is always long.
 Macarons are 4.80RM each and they have packaging for three or six.
My parents who doesn't love such stuffs surprisingly commented that it is fresh and good!

Korean cuisines for dinner after shopping groceries at Penlangi's Giant which is just a stone's throw away distance.
Haha rather exotic taste buds we have.
*It should be second floor, not first floor. 
This is just half of what is in the set.
We ordered a set meal for 3-4 persons and it was actually quite a lot. There are other set meals that are only suitable for 4 persons.
 We were given two meat sides: marinated beef + pork, one bowl of soup, one plate of korean pancakes (quite huge) with the sides. The set only included one bowl of rice, additional bowl of rice will be charged, which I think is fair as that set meal alone is more than enough to order another bowl of rice lol.

Although it is a short trip, but I really enjoyed it.
Dad told me that we spent a total of $300 in SGD for this trip.
To me, nothing matters so long as there is quality family time.
Next trip, Guangzhou, China soon in December and it will be snowwwwwinggggg!!!