Make Everyday Meaningful And Leave No Regrets


Finally having some time to get down and blog. Sorry for the hiatus.
I have completed my exams already and given that I had put in all efforts and brain cells to study for it, I am glad it is over!!!
But this is a different kind of sweetness for my freedom as compared to the post poly exams. 
Reason being that I had worked hard for all components of the quality mechanisms (assignments, group projects & test papers) set by the school :)
The attitude in me had changed to being responsible for my own studies and persevered til the very end without complaining.
I truly had grown and I am proud of my progress and I know it was a bit late for me la hahaha.
So yes, therefore I had neglected my blog for quite sometime.
So without further ado, here are the highlights for this two months.


So I mentioned in one of my posts that I could not find anyone to go with me to Jolin's PLAY concert, but eventually I was able to find my good friend Pei to accompany me.
What's more, I even realized one of ex colleagues is going too!!!
So happy to be able to meet up with her again <3

I had a hard time taking a good photo of the stage and her dancing because of the security there. 
I know I should be enjoying this moment fully but I cannot resist to not take for this as Jolin rarely does her concert at Singapore. 

If you ever wanna know if you can smuggle in cameras into concert halls in Singapore, do it secretly.* 
Rules everywhereeeeeeeee!!!
*Even though you succeeded in smuggling in a camera, there is still a possibility of getting caught.
My seat was by the aisle therefore I had to keep a look out for them before sneaking a photo!
One of the girls at my row was caught and was asked to delete the photos on the spot! I was tad lucky for not betting caught by the lady *whew*

At Singapore Indoor Stadium.
Super excited that I am actually here !!!
She even planned surprise for her fans which was so sweet of her!
She picked one person out from each side of the concert hall to participate singing with her.
Those who got selected were so lucky!!! 
Eyes were green with envy.

Jolin ended the concert with "Play" and just like that, 3 hours of concert ended with a pang!
Below pictures are from Jolin Fan Club.

I enjoyed the concert because Jolin interacted with the audiences and really had fulfill our contentment!! I saw her hard work in providing professional enjoyment to the audience made them feel involved in her concert.
The price I paid ($131, expensive but) was worth it - great seating (although it seems far from the pictures but I can still see her face), great performance by Jolin, great atmosphere (everybody stood up and dance to the songs) and great companion!
Awesome night to be given the opportunity to indulge completely in before I started to stay home and read up for my exams :)


I do not know how to skate, yes and I admit that I was a wimp to take up skating when I was young.
But right now, I am disappointed that why was I not forced to skate because, it is so fun!
I'm so glad that I have finally picked up this sports!
Finding the balance is what it was about and also to not rush and get hyper over the adrenaline - that is when accidents happens.

Conversation between my boyfriend & I:
Him: Gotta be careful, falling down infront of the shop would be super embarrassing!
Me: I agree. Okay, let's faster leave this place.

And as soon as I got up and my boyfriend was outside the shop waiting for me, I rolled towards him.
it was a very bad idea.
I collided into him and because I do not know how to stop or rather my right leg could not move to break, I sent the both of us falling down, INFRONT OF THE SHOP.
And to think that we had the above conversation just 5 min ago made me lol-ed so hard.
Boyfriend got cut at the edge of the pavement on his little finger.
Not sure why my side cheek looks jagged!?
 Would love to go back there again and skate, well minus the falling down infront of the shop part haha.
We went to Novena Square 2 to have japanese for dinner as planned. 
(We plan for our outings one week ahead in order to compromise our school timings and some time if for our friends.)


This place is known for their Volcano Ramen and no, it will not erupt and spill the broth all over.
Basically, this shop uses a red cone shape cylinder to cover over the bowl and what is happening inside the cover will be your noodles being cooked. Steam will come out from the mouth of the cylinder, just like the volcano!

"This is how their Ishiyaki Ramen or Hot Stone Roast Ramen ($18++) works:
1. Soup is poured into a preheated 300 degree Celsius stone bowl with all the ingredients inside. Warning: HOT!!
2. The bowl is covered by a conical lid for one minute.
This is where the eruption begins!!!
3. You can continue to put the rest of the soup in. Mix the ingredients and noodles well.
4. Transfer the ramen to a smaller bowl to enjoy."
Note: the rice included in the set is for the left-over soup, do ask for it if they will not initiate.
Got some of my pictures from snapchat as well.

Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen
10 Sinaran Drive #02-68/69 
Square 2, Singapore 307506 (Novena MRT)
Tel: +65 6397 6636

And as I blog about it, I am already missing that hearty taste of the brothhhh.
*swallows saliva*

We decided to visit Singapore's Botanic Gardens because of the UNESCO concept and the black swan.
According to the organization slang, UNESCO is abbreviated from United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization which means to give Botanics Garden a new facelift where the elements of education, science and culture can be found.
It incorporates heritage buildings and biodiversity learning which brings learning to a whole new level in Botanic Gardens.
More on:

During my younger days when I was a toddler, I recalled vividly that the only memories I have was the black swan, big tall trees and red bricks pavements.
After that, I did not go back there anymore until this week, so that makes it a second visit!
The price of this food outlet that we arrived at is the same as the cafe prices but the portion is huge!
We had a rather late lunch because of the exploring and looking for the right path to the F&B zone which we spent close to an hour.
Boyfriend says the garden is huuuuuge, he thought it was the size of East Coast park, HAHAHA!
search for that link for a much clearer map

We met at Botanic Gardens Mrt Station (CC19/DT19) which is where we can enter from the Bukit Timah Gate via Cluny Road and it was a big mistake as it is so far from where we want to go - the food place, of course haha.
But not to worry, you can see the lake and some vegetation which are beautiful for photos!
So we walked from Bukit Timah Gate to Nassim Gate for lunch. 
There are plenty of food outlets operating in the garden but it is okay to do picnicking there too.

Boyfriend complaining about the weather hahahah!

Indeed it was humid and warm, remember to bring along
1. umbrellas (in case if it rains as there are not much shelters around)
2.  a fan or a portable electronic fan
3. and some water (they do not have much water points).

And if you do not want to get sunburnt, do apply some sunscreen lotion if the weather is bright and sunny.
During the day that I went, the weather was just right as it just stopped raining when we got out from the mrt station.
Be prepared to perspire and get sticky after the trip so ladies, waterproof make up is recommended!

Visit here to know how to get there:


If you are a fan of dim sum, you should definitely visit Red Star Restaurant given the huge portion size and freshness tasted is worth it!
The downside would be the location as it takes 15min walk from the mrt station of Chinatown (NE4/DT19). Probably because it was my first time here so the route that I took was a little longer as I got out from the wrong exit. Super road idiot......
The right exit should be from NE line as even though you got out from DT line, you still have to go through the underpass of NE line to get to the other side of the road. Stupid much...
Anyway, total damage done: $138 for 6 pax.
Mostly all of the dim sum are priced at $4.
Love the siew mai, har gao, and the herbal jelly! They are a must try I would say!!

Address: 54 Chin Swee Road, 160054
Phone: 6532 5266
Opening Hours: 7am-3pm, 6pm-10pm

Haven't been shopping after so long and I told one of my former colleagues that it feels like detoxing therapy hahahah!
New lippie and outfit to wear for this month of August, yay!

So, for this holiday, I do not want to waste it away meaninglessly.
Have already been sleeping real late at night for the past two days -oops-
But on a side note, I managed to clean up my table and shelves. It is super neat right now that even my boyfriend was surprised when I snap him hahahaha!!!
Already planned so many things to do to make it all worth it!
Some essay writings, reading up, catching up with friends and work out!
Will update my new read soon when I take a trip down to the library! :)