You Mentality Paves Your Future

This post is inspired by my boyfriend and I will tell you why.
I have mentioned in my previous post about my weakness and how I conquered it by not conceit defeat and give in.
I was a weak minder and my concentration on things are short spanned BECAUSE I love to multi-task, which is one thing that hinders the learning and attitude towards the later part of my life.
The feeling of achievement I have gotten in my life are only a handful, and short lived because each time, I fall back to my old ways which is succumbing to being in my comfort zone and finding easy way outs.
It was pretty bad therefore, I became a "follower" instead of a leader. I follow blindly because it is the easy way out to stuffs as I do not need to find it our myself and get all the negative emotions during the process. LOL what a state, right?
At work, I faced problems with my own faith and self-esteem issues as I believe in what I cannot do instead of what I can do.
But it all comes down to your mentality towards life.

Signs of Weak Mentality 

If one is mentally weak, it is hard to overcome tough situations as the latter will take control of the mind instead of themselves.
Their world is filled with "I can't, it is impossible, too hard" mainly because:
1) Failures are a taboo in your life
2) Lack of perseverance
3) No point of seeing the end from the means

Weak Mentality Hinders Success

I can gladly tell that these 3 factors stops an individual from success because I have experienced that.
I had low self esteem and I was scared of failures therefore I was a low risk taker.
Whenever tough challenges appears, I chose to avoid or escape to the extend of wanting to blend into the wall badly so it will not come to me.
I chose to stick to my comfort zone instead of going for what I want because I was afraid of failures and challenges.
Weak mentality led me to what I am doing right now which is apart from my passion for dancing.
If I was given a chance to change what I wanted to change before I start my diploma education, I will choose an arts school but what held me back was my mentality on dance in the future.
I am aware that arts in my country is stereotyped as a "no future" business but that does not mean that it can kill the passion, right?
Because my perspective of going into arts is a narrow path to be in therefore I chose to abandon my passion and go for something realistic instead because I have many what ifs in my mind.
But failure is one of the things that brings success close so, it is okay to fail.
Without having the point of seeing that this is what was wanted badly and hardships are a package of it, then it can never be achieved and succeeded.

The Effects of Strong Mentality

What I did today which made me happy:
I woke up deliberately at 9am when I slept at 1am the night before to finish what I need to do before heading out and I was happy because,
1) having the perseverance to finish up the things I need to do allows me to enjoy more when I head out
2) conquering the difficulty of waking up early (when most of the time I am up at 11+) in the morning to finish up what I needed to do
3) because I see the importance of waking up early > able to finish up things > conquered the difficult of waking up early > able to enjoy when I am out 

And this trains my mentality and I can swear that my mindset on studies are different from before!
I use to complain a lot about studies being so tiresome which lead to the mentality of not doing well in things as I do not see the benefit and also my priorities were prioritized wrongly.
Now, I am able to sit down for hours to finish an assignment which is really a huge different from before because my mindset had changed.
I am happy that this allows me to finish tasks faster and even stimulate my mind to project my own opinion and thinking.
I look forward to my exam which is only a month's away to challenge myself!
(and I cannot believe that I am happy about this lol)
And I wanna say thank you to my boyfriend for injecting such positivity into me <3

Have any of you been through this? Feel free to share with me through
Would love to know how did you overcome such mentality in life and what hindered you? ^^