Presentation Complete!

I used to not believe how powerful is my own will power.
I thought it was bs, and nonexistent in me.
I have to thank this Uni life I am having right now to let me realize that I have a will power which is very powerful, buried inside me! :)

22nd of July

This marks the will power in me to want to start over again and treat studies seriously.
I aced through the presentation on that day without any difficulties and answered Q&A well.
So, the starting of fun in studies is already getting onto me which I would love to see myself do such stuffs smoothly.
One thing I am bad about is that I have stage frights.
Once everyone's eyes are on me, I can hear my own heartbeat echoing around the classroom.
But I manage to overcome stage frights much faster now, because really, nothing will appear scary to you if your will power is strong enough.

I am really glad and happy that our group had done well for both the group project and the oral presentation and this is by far the most satisfying moment that has happened in my academic life;
to ace for both the group project and the oral presentation!
Proud that I did not give up at all!

Finally presentation completed! 
Will never forget this day! :)))


Preparing for a presentation

(Give yourself at most 1 week ahead to do this.)

What I did was:

1) Know the content well
2) Cue cards are to be well prepared
Do not rely entirely on your cue cards!!!!!!
Cue cards are there to guide you onto the next point.
Highlight important points of your speech and write them BIG
This is how I do mine:
Note: Please do not cancel the words like what I did lol
It has to be neat and clean.
Try to space out the sentences from each other so it will be easier for you to see when you are presenting.
I colour code them with colours,
Yellow: Heading
Green: Subheadings

3) Practise and rehearse 3-5 times infront of a mirror 
(make sure to really hear yourself)
4) Pace yourself and time yourself
5) Meet up with your group members and rehearse together

Preparing for Q&A

(Give yourself at most 1 week ahead to do this)

1) Know your content well
2) Go through your presentation slides and report together.
3) Identify any missing points your slides have that your report can back it up with.
4) Ask among your group members 
5) If any of your boyfriends or girlfriends or friends are kind enough to help to read through your presentation slides and note down the questions they have to you, that will be great!

Basically for Q&A, it is how your group showcase yourself through ability in answering all the questions will determine the marks for Q&A.

Goof luck!!!

Now is to look forward to exams and I. Can, Do, This!

P.s. All of these are based on my own experiences