Mystery Finally Solved: Insomnia

Ever since I have started school, I was such a nerve wreckage - whatever I have read on the day, my mind will recite all of the stuffs and it kept me up all night. 
My mine was very active. 
I can't fall asleep naturally which drives me and the people around me a little crazy as my temper grew short, especially when I was on my period (sincerely sorry to those that have suffered :P). 
To add on, I had a few projects to submit so my group members always meet up at the school's Starbucks or Chocolate Mark and discuss.
 The basic rule for giving you a valid reason for hogging tables at such places is to buy their drinks or food. True enough, this add on to my insomnia. 
I tried the "tea" method to soothe my nerves so that I can sleep well. 
Without even thinking about detoxing all of the caffeine I have consumed over the past few weeks, I introduced tea into my body which worsen my insomnia. My mind would be wide awake as usual and I cannot deny that tea had helped me to concentrate when I am studying. 
But falling asleep was difficult than before.... 
I twitched rather badly when I sleep which makes it difficult for me to fall into a deep sleep.
I did whatever I can to fall asleep, including the 478 step. 
I was able to fall asleep when I tried it first but subsequently, the magic of the 478 step was not working anymore.

The Culprit to My Insomnia

I struggled with this sleeping problems for close to a month before discovering what is causing me to have insomnia.
After handing up my first few assignments and no more meet ups over for project for a short period of time (which means no more consuming caffeine at Starbucks and needing tea to keep me awake), I realized caffeine and tea are the big culprits to my insomnia!!!
It is like caffeine + caffeine = more caffeine

Caffeine is considered to be drug related which stimulates the brain and this can affect sleep.
According to Dr R. Hoffman (2013), the effect of caffeine takes up to 20 hours after consuming. Caffeine causes the body cells to "fire" more rapidly which gives a feeling of "alertness and energy".
So this was why my mind had been feeling rather alert even though my eyes are closed.
True enough, after cutting down coffee and tea by drinking only once every few weeks, I was able to regain back to my sleeping pattern.
On top of that, I had been forcing myself to go to bed as early as 1130pm to get the sleeping pattern back and for the advantage of my complexion.
I am happy to be able to find back the feeling of being able to fall asleep naturally after closing my eyes for a few minutes.
I felt much more refreshed as compared to when I was still in my insomnia state!
But after having this past experience does not get me away from drinking my favourite coffee and tea!
At my age, it is crucial to be able to have a good night's rest to be safe from dull skin and permanent dark eye rings.
Cheers to better sleep! 


Hoffman, Ronald. 2013. “Intelligent Medicine.” Common Sleep Problems and Solutions.