You Kept Me Up All Night

Sometimes how I wish this is me (source)
I was pretty upset about the fact that the blogs that I once followed with my old tumblr account has better pictures on my dashboard than the what the blogs I am following right now with my tumblr new account. Because the pictures were much more livelier and interestinggg and I cannot find them back anymore :( which kind of cut down the degree of interest in spending my time scrolling through Tumblr than before...

Hello wello to the month of June. Pretty overwhelmed by the number of submissions I have to keep track. Haha, school...
A few days ago, I was not in a very happy state as I am in a dilemma, wondering if going back to school is a good choice or not. My emotion went down which affected my motivation to keep up with what I had been doing for the past few weeks when school had started. I was under a great deal of pressure to perfect an assignment. This pressure then take a toll on me. I began to experience sleepless nights and tensions every now and then when I sleep. 
I could not sleep in peace and immediately as how I used to.
I tried sleeping early but I still find myself light sleeping the whole night. 
It is indeed a tiring pattern for me; sleep-tensions-stirring-thoughts flooding-waking up before the alarm rings...
Even when I have school at 9am in the morning, I do not feel my mind sleepy at all despite my eyes are tired after school. I drank tea in the early afternoon to soothe my nerves but it still did not help me. I really want to fall asleep like a baby!!! 
It is frustrating because it ruins my sleeping pattern and my plans. I cannot wake up as early as I want in the morning as I did not get good sleep which I need to push back my plans more and ended up not having enough time to do it. 
I tried to relax myself before but the moment I do, my nerves jerk me back from sleeping again which kept me up all night. 
Not sure what is making me "excited", so frustrating!!
I am thinking of swimming and jogging to help myself relax.
The last time I worked out was 2 weeks ago lol.
Really need a good night's sleep.
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