Hashtag One Year

So glad that the hectic month is over and I can take a breather from school therefore, that explains the long hiatus.
The month of June appears to be the most important month for submissions and it is also where the most important date and week of the month which is in context to my life.
Thought I should commemorate this important date on my blog to make it more special :)
Happy first! <3

21st June

"Let the baby photobomb our picture because his facial expression damn epic."

 First ride will always be the Transformers.
And then time to face my fears..... 
Damn, why is Battle Stars Galatica operating......
Conquered the Cyclon. 
I told Dom to take a picture of me with that sign because I am acrophobic and this thing scared the shit out of me but then I still sat it!!!
But it was fun, on a scale of 7 out of 11. 

"Baby, are you looking at the camera or not?"

The person inside Julien play his character really well!
So creative with his poses hehehe!

After playing almost all of the rides (we did not get to sit on all rides due to the long waiting time), we decided to head down for dinner.
What's for dinner? SEAFOOD FOR DINNER!
Waited for 2 1/2 hours for this but it was worth it!!!

Butter cream crab.

We ordered a few dishes in accordance to our portions.
The cereal prawns were good, and the hotplate tofu was delicious too!
The crab was meaty, it was a sumptuous meal (probably this judgement is little bias due to the hunger we had hahaha).

211 Toa Payoh Lorong 8
#1-11/15, 310211
Opens at 4pm -1045pm
*be sure to reach there earlier than the opening timing as queues will start forming up at 5pm onwards!

It was a simple outing, ending with a simple meal but I enjoyed the whole process even though my gift got delayed (handed over to him the delayed gift today). Never have I thought that you would be fine with such a simple celebration! 
I did not want to make it fanciful as that will set the expectation for the future anniversaries but still, thank you for the meaningful gift you got me!
It has really been not easy this one year but that does not mean we should give up on what we had started on.
Cheers, honey! 
To many more anniversaries :)