Little Snippets

I am a terrible updater when it comes to blogging and I am already applauding to myself that snaptchat and instagram are what I constantly (perseveres) update on.
Currently taking a break from completing an assignment that is due in 24hour's time before embracing myself to a busy weekend and the month of June again.
That explains the little amount of photos I have in my phone.


Indie Discovery

Not to deny that I am a fan of Indie songssss~
My routine right now almost all morning to accompany me when I do my assignment.
I usually use the app more on the phone than on the laptop as my laptop cannot load fast for heavy content pages :( bummerrr but I still love my laptop! Battery is still working well!

After School Today

Met bubs after school for a coffee fix and simple lunch before taking our stroll to a dessert shop in Bugis.
I just love today. 
Actually I love days that we communicate more.
I realize one thing when you are really in love, even when you looking at each other silently, there will be a hint of love and connection shared because he feels you, you feel him. :)

"When having dessert is meaningless because your partner is sweeter"
Ps. I am falling greatly in love and nothing can get me out of it.