So it is the month of May and I am exactly three days late from welcoming the month of May. (whatever) Anyway, it will be the start of a busy month for me as I start school this month and I AM SO STOKED ABOUT IT. Being nearly 35 months of not touching and studying any book, I am rather worried that I will not be able to settle down. (I think I sort of forgot how to do econs...) So before I were to go back into the books for quite long, I spent the last few days of my non-stress period of May in Singapore playing to the fullest and doing what I want to do during my holiday. (I only had one month of rest ever since the day I was unemployed. Not complaining~) Ain't no harm to make my holiday worthwhile.

Some highlights of the first few days of May.
On Labour Day...
I woke up (tried) bright and early for breakfast at Seletar Mall which is at Punggol with the family and had THE family conversation where we actually do catching up with each other. Sadly, most of us were busy with our stuffs and the only time I am free and available to catch up with on weekday is only with my mum. I was happy I agreed on going for breakfast with the family.
I bought my study table from Ikea with the help of my family. Brother even went to the extend of getting the top shelf for me by walking back the whole of Ikea's Market Hall, in search for it. Thank you.
And then I met Dom in the afternoon as today (that day), we plan to go singing! Rather elated that he got the room booked after I told him that I would love to sing with him, again the day before. Thank you bb.

Lunch was good, I mean lunner... Like lunch + dinner. This place called The Sushi Bar is hidden at a corner of Far East Plaza, Somerset. I recommend the don with a total of 6 pieces of tuna, salmon and smoked salmon on it and some roes. That alone is full enough for one. I love sashimi so much! Do order the ones that I have ordered! Highly recommended. If you love roe, you will love their chawanmushi. 
- - -

On 2nd of Mar, I also get to fix up my table for school from Ikea with the family and spent some time with Dom. And as Dom is flying off for his usual Starlight, we caught up this movie online at his place, it is called The Wedding Ringer and I immediately fell for that movie's plot. It is so meaningful that I cannot help feeling so involved in that movie. (I usually feel like that when I watch a drama or a show I love haha). Will definitely watch it again!

3rd of Mar is a lazy lazy day. Spent the whole afternoon watching Stephanie Lange, Ryan and Ray William Johnson's videos and to be honest, I cannot believe I have literally spent the whole afternoon watching the videos because I should be packing my luggage haha. I'm leaving Singapore in two days time woohoo! #jayannetravels
What I have watched.

Ryan Higa (HigaTV)

Ray William Johnson

Have fun watching! xx