Cafe Discovery: TBB @ Tangs

Catching up with this Aquarius girlfriend of mine is what I enjoy the most because she relates to me a lot and understands me. She is able to read my mind even though we had cut down on our meetups due to my school and her work. But I never stop liking her even thought she replies my texts one day late haha!
I told her cafe places are the best to catch up in and she introduced me to this place called Tiong Bahru Bakery which sells loafs, pastries and tarts... And I was flummoxed because travelling to Tiong Bahru is like the last thing I suddenly will do in my bucket list on that day. But she corrected me and point out that there is actually one outlet in Town which is at Tangs. Yeah, I heaved a sigh of relief. (even though there were quite a number of confusion before.)
I have to thank her for bringing me here, it is a marvelous place to dine at given the design is so French and delightful atmosphere. I fall in love and quickly marked this place in my "high tea" places list in my head!

The first ever Tiong Bahru Bakery

Tiong Bahru Bakery
56 Eng Hoon Street #01-70 Singapore 160056 

Cheryl promised me to have brunch there together as the atmosphere is much more to old school style which is what I love for cafes! I told her I will wake up in time for brunch.

TBB @ Tangs
Tiong Bahru Bakery @ Tangs
310 Orchard Road #L1-16B, TANGS Orchard 238864 
Tiong Bahru Bakery by Gontran Cherrier
Opens: 10am to 10pm
6735 3787

And no wonder I did not know about this outlet as it is sort of hidden at the corner of Tangs building and opposite of Lucky Plaza (which I hardly or hate to walk past). 
Before I came here, I went online to google a bit about TBB and what to have there.
It is recommended to have their Kouign Amann so I decided to try it. 
The first bite into it, it feels like I have hit the jackpot - it is so goooooooooooood!

A little background about this Kouign Amann, it is originated in the 1800s of Brittany, which is a region of France (where they speak Breton, a Celtic language). The name was created from the Breton words for cake ("kouign) and butter ("amann") and it is prounounced as queen-ya-mahn.
It is advocated that this Kouign Amann is a failed bread paste hahahaha!
Wow, how creations really comes about!

It tastes of caramel and it is flaky like a croissant. I am not a big fan of croissant because of its loose flakes and I tend to get all flaky around the mouth after eating and it is empty the whole time! :( But Kouign Amann gives me a pleasant feeling and I would say I will never hate it and will be a big fan of it! If you were to eat it, go with coffee. I did not order coffee as the timing is not ideal for me to drink and I do not want to find myself still wide awake at 4am in the morning. 

Cheryl had her Almond Croissant which taste okay, probably because the taste of it was moot by my Kouign Amann lol. Will go back to TBB to try their other pastries and be there to have my coffee!

*Sources that are not mine are being cited. Will promise to take photos whenever I go this time round to avoid such hassles.