Pardon for the messy hair.
 Landed safely at Kalibo Airport after two and a half hours of flying and was soon welcomed by the scorching heat from the sun as we stepped out to the Tarmac area. Kalibo is a domestic airport of Philippines and they do not have a proper aerobridge to transport passengers from the plane to the Terminal. Not to mention that the Airport is poorly facilitated so we did not bother to hanging out at the Airport and headed out to catch the shuttle.
The journey from Kalibo Airport to the jetty was one and a half hour or two. The route was arduous as it snakes all the way up to the jetty and I have been experiencing numbness at my butt ever since from the plane and it is a very unpleasant feeling for me! :(
(I promise to google this up to prevent for future flights or whatsoever rides that requires sitting for a very long time.)
The transferring from the Kalibo airport to Boracay itself takes a total of 4 hours and to be honest, it is right to start the trip early from Singapore. We made a total of 4 transfers; shuttle to van to boat and then to van. And deep down I hope it is worth the trip.
On a brighter note, if you love being surrounded by the sand, sea, sun and bar singers, I recommend Boracay definitely!
The reason why the sand is dotted with greens is because of the seaweeds and you will see it during low-tide hours.

Sunset catching had became a must to do before dinner. 
Never the sunrise, unfortunately haha.

Nature in Boracay I have experienced is at its finest but one down point about it that it is too commercialized.
All the vendors are capable of communicating and they CAN speak some Chinese and even Korean and they are fluent!!! 

I can never be tired of sunsets in Boracay. Actually, anywhere that boasts of the most breathtaking sunsets.
Did I mention that I love palm trees silhouettes? <3
Before the dip into the sea.
I highly persuade you to bring along your most charming beach dresses and pants or other beach wears to show off at Boracay! Do bring along sunhats and sunblocks or suntan as the heat was 30 Degree Celsius. Makeup should be matte or waterproof if you intend to apply or else you will find your make up all smudgy at the of the day! 

Water Sports/Dry Sports
There are stalls available that sells water sports or dry sports.
Be sure to find out the prices before agreeing to pay one agency because they can be nasty at ripping you off and lying to you that your package is allowed to go to three islands and including another island of your choice but on that day itself, it was allowed as the agent gave a lame excuse that it was not safe to venture there. Peel open your ears and pay attention to whatever they propose and try to cut prices if it is unreasonable. I think around 2500₱ to 2300₱ is reasonable for island hopping. As for water sports, it depends on the item that you want to do, it can go from 500₱ per person per item to 1000₱.

Food there has a variety to choose from. They actually have this F&B and boutique location where it is called D'Mall. Practically sells everything that you need and want. And since they want to suit to the tastes of tourists,you can find all sorts of cuisine ranging from their locals, Mexican, Cuban, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and even Korean! Do not restrict from trying all of the cuisines because trust me, you do not want to keep eating the same cuisines for three or two meals everyday. Do take note that the prices are a little steep for cuisines that are not local or Chinese. But I can assure you that the portion for non-local cuisines are big enough which says serves 2 but actually serves 4!

The following are restaurants that I have been to.

- Korean Food
(Chopsticks: Station 2, located in D'Mall)

(Taste of Moon: Station 3, not located in D'Mall.)

Of course, I am not recommending you to eat Army Stew at every korean outlet you go haha!
Do try other famous korean dishes from their menu. No need to be dubitable as the restaurants are open by korean bosses it is okay to patronize.

Spanish, Mexican, Cuban.
(Ole: Station 2, located in D'Mall)

A friend of mine recommended me to try their Seafood Paella. Basically it is like baked rice with seafood on it. It requires 40min of preparation so a reservation to dine in for the Paella is required, if you do not want to wait too long. The one that we ordered serves 2 but it is enough for 4. My take is you can try but do not put too much expectation on it.

(Nigi Nigi: Station 3, not located in D'Mall)

They sell local and Chinese like the Chapsuey and Kangkong. The service is good but do not ask for the coconut as it is not sweet at alllllll :( but one thing special about their service is they offer to help us to make the remaining of the coconut into a coconut milkshake and it is for free! The wings portion may look pathetic but it is good! This meal was the one that made us super full!
They actually offers accommodation too which is just behind their restaurant, feel free to check it out!

Bulabog Beach
If you are sick and tired of the beach being crowded, why not head to the other side of Boracay to the Bulabog beach which is just 5-10min walk across the island! Very little people do not know about this other beach or rather they are not adventurous enough!
Be extra careful in the water as it is littered with small jellyfishes and sea urchins therefore this part of the beach in Boracay is not commercialized. 
That is my brother.
It is really far more enjoyable when you sort of have the whole beach to yourself.

Some things to highlight:
Do not eat seafood that are displayed on the shelves with ice cubes as it is impossible that it will be fresh as my friend mentioned to me that Boracay restricts fishing so that is no way it is fresh. There is a wet market in Boracay with fishes and crustaceans are displayed in water tank alive but I have not been there so I cannot provide any information.

Tipping is fine but do take note if it really requires tipping them or not. Take into consideration the service they do because not everything has to be tipped! And do stay away from giving money to children that looks like African. Give them food instead!

It was a fun-filled 5 days even though we did not pack our itinerary with activities but only exploring the island and swimming and suntanning. 
Good break before my school starts!

My apologies if I did not touch on everything about Boracay as it is my first time there so this posts are written based on what I have observed.
Hope this post helps whoever that is planning to go to Boracay!