0144AM Thoughts [continue]

Turns out today's class was good. I reached class 5min earlier and congratulated myself because I have been going on meetings and appointments on time for 1 month in a row and I am happy about the better time management I have finally clasped. Luckily, self-introduction had passed (might) as I see some students talking to each other already but when I talked to some of them, I realized they were from the current university but took diplomas together so in other words, NO SELF-INTRODUCION!!!
So on the first day of school, surprisingly I was able to concentrate in class and grasp every single thing the lecturer had taught even though it was a 0830AM class. I have to wake up 2 hours before to be sure that I will be in class on time. Assignments were already explained and chosen (too fast waittt...).
To be honest, I have yet to refocus my energy and mindset fully on studying. I hope by the end of this week, it happens!

P.s Mum gave my a red packet this morning to wish me good luck and study hard hahahaha so cute!