The Big Booty Trend!?

So I was watching a few of Ryan's videos and hopped upon this "The Big Booty Trend" video of his and got me thinking. Yes, why are people so obsessed with big butts these days and what is more, people making career out of it. So what that Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea have them? Yes, it will make them famous but then, famous for big butts? It is another feminism icon that the society has created. 10 years ago, having a big butt was called as unattractive and skinny was beautiful. Right now people go under knives to get big butts.

For me, keeping a big butt would be hard because a large portion of the fact that girls with big butts has got to do with natural courses and which means, you have to be born with it. So what if you are not born with big butt? So wha if you are born with big butt? Why heckle at a girl who has a flat/small butt? Sure enough, big butts are popular because it makes us, girls, look good. 

Trends come and go. 10 years ago, we worship big boobs, then after 10 years down, we worship big butts. And then what happens next? Instead of keeping up with the trends, why not think what makes you look good for your own body? Personally, I think firm butts makes a girl look much fabulous than a big butt. I believe you will not prefer saggy butts which are huge.. right? (imagine that)

You think having a big butt is good? Think again. They have problems too!
(and I experience them too which is quite depressing sometimes)

1) It costs you more than the sales price of a pair of jeans.
You go to a shop and picks up size M jeans and went to try it on but realize you could not yank it up because it gets in the way but when you try with all your might, your butt magically tucks in and you find out that you cannot button your jeans together but when you turn and look at the mirror at your behind, your butt looks FABULOUS. So you will think of altering the waist length once you buy it, $$$. You ditch that altering idea and you ask for a size L (you get looks from the sales assistant) . You tried on size L but it is too loose at your hip area and this mean you got to get it altered and which means $$$ bye bye.

2) Pulling gets attention.
That shorts looks good on you and you bought it. You wore it out one day with your girlfriends and you had been walking around with it and you sensed that the shorts kept going up. You wanted to make sure your butt cheeks does not show so you kept tugging and pulling whenever you get up or you walk a few metres. And for every one time you pull, people around you looks at you because you had to wiggle down your shorts and that wiggling action sort of caught other people's attention. (facepalm)

3) Unintentional cheeks and worries.
And your girlfriends find it embarrassing to tell you when your butt cheeks show under the cute shorts you bought. You feel embarrassed too and then you worry about how you butt cheeks looks like and then you regret for not doing more squats this week.

4) New way of saying hi?
Your boyfriend loves to give you a hi-five at your butt. 

5) Doppelganger-fruit situation.
You are actually a petite skinny girl but the right fruit shape to represent your body shape would be a pear. 

6) Plagued with slouchy fashion 5eva.
You wanna look good in white shirts tucked into skinny jeans but you put that thought aside because it makes you look fat, below. You wanna wear that long tube skirt with a short cute blouse but you put that thought aside because it makes you look fat, below. Basically, you are forced to dress long and slouchy which covers your behind and makes you look more proportionate. And then, friends will think you are always lazy.

7) Jiggles unintentionally.
Everywhere you go, you suck in your butt because it looks like a gigantic jelly, And then you regret for not doing squats for this week.

8) Sizes perceptions are the worst.
You go into a store and you ask for a size M but the sales assistant either tells you that by the way she looks at you, you should be wearing S or L. 
She hands you S but you know you could not fit in and to save some face, you get into the fitting room, tried it on still but got out again because you really cannot fit into S and you ask for M and she gives you that look.
She hands you L, and you are angry about the fact that she is size insulting you but to save some face, you get into the fitting room, tried it on still, and realized she is right. When you go over to pay, she gives you that look.

You have to squat every week at least to make your butt look fabulous instead of saggy because big things have more gravitational pull.

10) Cushion-nizer
But one thing you do not have to worry about and feels bless to have a huge butt is when you fall down on your butt, you do not feel that painful.

And to this very day, is still happens but not that much because I do more squats and run. My butt sure has gone down in size (probably most of it is water and fats) but the mass is still there and it is firmer. So long as you have a tone butt, be it skinny or fat, you will look more fabulous than ever! 

Keep squatting every week! xx